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Layout: Southwick, BR (SR), 1960s

Published 25 September 2018, 17:00

Set between 1964 and the end of BR Southern Region steam in 1967. The layout represents a fictitious junction station and goods yard on the Southern in 'OO'.

Diesels are becoming more numerous but steam is still the main source of motive power. Locomotives seen are mostly BR Standards and Bulleid designs with a few Drummond and Maunsell locomotives still in operation. Diesels in use include classes 08, 24, 33, 47 and 205 Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DEMUs).

The location is set between Bournemouth and Southampton and the layout is able to run long freight and passenger trains from the Western section of the Southern. As the region wasn’t electrified to Bournemouth until 1967 the branch line is the only live section of third rail on the layout while the the third rail has been laid on the main line, but isn’t live yet. The station is pure imagination, with a small goods yard and short branch line serving a small local fishing port 20 miles away.

With the station being a junction all semi-fast passenger services stop at the station with the occasional expresses stopping. The goods depot is served by both road and rail with both steam and diesel locomotives shunting stock around. The majority of trains are hauled by Southern motive power, however Midland Region steam and diesel locomotives occasionally run through with freight or boat trains on their way to Southampton.

Southwick featured in HM131.

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Oake, WR, 1950s-1960s