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Layout: Readham, Western Region, 2000s

Published 25 September 2018, 16:58

Readham was inspired by Reading and Cheltenham and came from the desire to have a modern image Digital Command Control sound layout where the locomotives weren’t just at a constant speed and ‘sound’.

It had to have two main design features – a station that would allow full size passenger trains and a tram running through the streets.

The architectural influence was also important and the buildings of Cheltenham and the stunning modern Reading station have been the key influences, hence the name of the layout Readham. All of the buildings feature a high degree of detail and many are replicas of buildings seen in Cheltenham, with others being inspired by the area. Everything you see is scratch built from plastic sheet, plastic profile sections, brass rod, foam board, texture paper and 3D Printed components.

The station features three full length platforms and one bay platform. Readham is set in a semi fictional region that ‘allows’ the operation of First Great Western/Great Western Railway, Cross Country and South West Trains/South Western Railway rolling stock. The station also sees a lot of freight movements, either straight through or held on platform 4 waiting for a path in between passenger operations. Although a Modern Image layout you will see the occasional diesel hauled special along with a couple of steam hauled railtours. Our intention is to keep the station busy and our motto is ‘no timetable, just trains – a lot of them’.

The layout has features that make it ‘personal’ to the builder, for example the Ambulance - as his daughter is a Paramedic, the Showmans yard - as the builder and his son are Fun Fair and Theme Park enthusiasts, and many more.

Image Gallery

Loftus Road, West London, 2000s
Oake, WR, 1950s-1960s